Arriving in Brasília

There are two ways to go from Brasília International Airport to your Hotel:

1. You can take a taxi, that will cost around R$50,00 (circa US$16.00 or €14.00). There are taxis already parked at Airport, but you might consider make a call to (+55) 61-33213030 (Alvorada Radiotaxi) and you will get 20% discount over the taxi fare.

2. You can take the Executive Bus (Ônibus Executivo) parked right in front of International Arrival exit. This bus leaves every 30 minutes and costs R$8,00 (circa US$2.60 or €2.30). Tell to driver the name of your hotel, and the driver will let you know when you get there. Executive Bus serves only North (SHN) and South (SHS) hotel sectors. Therefore, if you will stay in any hotel located in Touristic Sector you must to use taxi.

Moving from your Hotel to University of Brasília (UNB)

We had scheduled shuttles to pick the participants up at Saint Moritz Hotel. However, UNB got into strike last Wednesday and there is no prevision about the end of it. For this reason, the drivers are not authorized to take the Van out of the garage. So, the better way to come to UNB from North or South Hotel Sectors is taking a taxi. From Saint Moritz Hotel until UNB a taxi will cost about R$20,00 (circa US$6.30). So, gather some people and split the taxi fare is easiest thing to do (Thanks for your understanding).

Venues of UVM 2015 Symposium

All the academic part of UVM 2015 Symposium will take place at Memorial Darcy Ribeiro (Beijódromo), which is a Memorial situated inside UNB campus. If you get a taxi to come to UVM, just inform the driver you want to go to UnB (Universidade de Brasília), Beijódromo. The address is: Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro, Asa Norte, phone (+55) 61-3107065. The Beijódromo is located beside the Deanery building (Prédio da Reitoria da UnB).

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The entire artistic program will occur at CCBB (Brazilian Bank Cultural Center). There will be bus from UNB to CCBB every day leaving at 18:15hs from Beijódromo. However, if you want to go from your hotel or by yourself until CCBB, you have to take a taxi. CCBB address is: SCES, Trecho 02, lote 22 phone (+55) 61-3108-7600.

Registration Desk

The registration desk is located in the main entrance of Memorial Darcy Ribeiro. All the activities (scientific, artistic, and workshops) are free of costs; however you should make a formal registration to attend these activities.


The temperature in Brasília varies between 15 to 26 Celsius degrees. So, it's recommended to use soft clothes. The weather is dry, the air humidity is low, and for this reason, it's strongly recommended to drink a lot of water.

Useful phone numbers:

UVM 2015 General Chair: Antenor Ferreira (+55) 61 – 82250746

UNB Music Department: (+55) 61 – 31071090

Memorial Darcy Ribeiro: (+55) 61 – 3107065

CCBB: (+55) 61 – 31087600

Taxi Company: (+55) 61 – 33213030

Saint Moritz Hotel: (+55) 61 – 30514001

Ambulance: 192

State Police: 190

Federal Police: 194