Understanding Visual Music was born from the idea of knowing better the conceptual roots of this art. The first edition of UVM was held in Montreal, 2011. In 2013 the event was hosted in Argentina, and in 2015 Brasília will have the mission to host this important event.
Understanding Visual Music - UVM 2015 Symposium focuses on research-creation processes and multiple relations between art, science and new technologies that are key factors in obtaining creative results, when working with a universe composed of moving images and organized sound.
Thus, 2D and 3D animation, electroacoustic music, image processing, sound design and the digital arts in general, can be intertwined with the most diverse techniques and technologies, and even with unexpected areas of science, in generating the complex blending supporting the so-called “visual music”. 
The symposium activities will take place on June 10th, 11th, and 12th at the University of Brasilia and the Bank of Brazil Cultural Center. It will include sessions with paper presentations, roundtables, panels, workshops and visual music concerts.
The term “visual music” has been used to describe a wide array of creative approaches to working with sound and image. It may refer to “visualized music” in which the visual aspect follows the sound’s amplitude, spectrum, pitch, or rhythm, often in the form of light shows or computer animation, while in other instances it may refer to “image sonification” in which the audio is drawn from the image in some fashion.

Visual music is also understood as a type of image discourse that aims to incorporate the non-representational qualities of music, following in this sense the idea of absolute music.

Sometimes visual music describes a non-hierarchical correlation between sound and image, in which both are generated from the same algorithmic process, while in other instances, they are layered without hierarchy or correlation altogether. Both sound and image may be presented live, fixed, or as part of an interactive multimedia installation.